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Review & Reflection of 2010, Looking forward for 2011!

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1. It’s been a really good year this year – with a few exciting events & major milestones in my life

a) We bought our HDB flat (next door to my parents) – for future convenience, for the government’s $40K HDB grant, and all the nice reasons

b) And because of Point A, I’m happily and¬†legally married to KS (my best friend, boyfriend turned hubby & 24 hour IT support *laughs*)

c) But we are not customarily wed (and hence we are in a half-married stage of “legally married, but unwed”). As such, we are now in another happy stage, planning and discussing (amongst ourselves and with our families and friends) for our upcoming wedding on 24 Dec 2011!

d) and 2011 will be quite exciting as we look forward and plan for the life that we will lead together with the 2 of us, and our families.

2. Things to be thankful and appreciative for:

a) Parents and families who love us the way we are – with our strengths, our flaws and weaknesses; all their love and support which made all the difference

b) Our families who are happy, healthy and safe

c) To have great colleagues and a safe and nice working enviroment

d) To have my graduation projects carried out smoothly despite little little set backs and issues along the way

e) To have a great friend and mentor in Sharon – to discuss work, ideas and everything else!

f) To have very fun loving friends – to go for walks and such, and to have them looking forward to my wedding as much as we do!

g) To have grandma still active and healthy (just wished she was a little more positive)

h) To have so much to be thankful, grateful and appreciative of – and that both of us are so blessed in every way!

3. Looking forward to 2011

I’m really really thankful and grateful for all the things that have happened in my life (with all the good and bad).And it has been great to know that we are able to control, determine and uncover who we are and who we want to be.

Seems like I have been exposed to the elements of “Eat, Pray, Love” and hope to have more of that in 2011

  • Thankful for my mom and dad for introducing and exposing us to Buddhism, meditation, yoga, exercise and health.
  • Thankful for KS’s parents for showing us what are the possible pleasures in life.
  • Thankful for the rest of the people in our lives, such that we are able to observe and learn more about relationships, communication
  • Thankful to the wonderful bloggers and writers of Minimalism – for they have deeply inspired me (us) to move towards that style of living
  • Especially thankful to the life coach, Ms Elisabetta Franzoso, whom I’ve met during a workshop on communication, but the workshop was more than that. It was about “inside out”, observing ourselves and being more aware of ourselves, and our existence, and whose simple theory of the “ice berg” affects how we can look at ourselves, others, and the things that are happening around us.

a) To embrace the minimalist lifestyle – to continue with Project Declutter for my room and for KS’s room.

  • I am looking forward to regaining those “empty spaces” in our living spaces – for the air, energy and creativity to flow and circulate more easily and freely
  • Looking forward to a more efficient and organized system of managing our stuff
  • To spend more time with people that matter more to us (our family and friends)
  • To spend time on things that we love to do
  • And to enjoy the simplest of the simplest of pleasures in life, such as a nice cup of tea and a book to read, and each other’s company on a lazy weekend afternoon

b) To enjoy and look at the positive side of my work and job – focussing on passion, sense of pride and achievement at the end of the day

  • Would love to start the first week of work in 2011 in clearing up the loose ends for my workstation – the leftover filing of documents, and the clearing up of unnecessary items and clutter
  • This is in hope of creating that “space” for thinking, planning, creativity and imagination
  • And in the process become more productive and efficient
  • To create a system that allows me to constantly “put things away”

c) To drink plenty of water everyday, and to do yoga weekly and go for weekly walks or jogs.

d) To lead a peaceful, carefree life!

Everything seems to be in place for a great 2011!

Cheers to all and here’s wishing everyone a Happy Happy New year and to a great year ahead!

Written by Jindy

January 2nd, 2011 at 5:46 pm

Inspiration from Operation Beautiful

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I chance upon a website www.operationbeautiful.com where random people (from all around the world) took a piece of scrap paper or post-it, wrote a nice message, and stuck it on the mirrors, in public restrooms, etc.

This is quite an inspiration because, believe it or not, even simple little gestures like this can make someone’s day.

Sometimes, we may have a bad day at work, at school, or we just feel down, low or depressed about ourselves, we can help to remind ourselves and others, of our uniqueness, our smile and the little things that makes us who we are.

After reading and seeing others pictures, I was inspired to do the same. Hence, I took out a few piece of post-its and wrote down a message copied from the website. I gave ¬†one each to Sharon and Mida. One of them, I stuck it on the mirror in the staff lounge’s ladies and the other I stuck it on the napkin dispenser in the pantry.

I was a little scared and excited at the same time when I stuck the post-its in the public areas, not knowing how people will take it. However, afterwards, I had this feeling of pride and happiness that I was hopefully making a little difference. And it felt really really good. I was on a slight “high” the whole day at work, feeling happy, and productive. It was as though I did something good.

Here are 2 photos taken with the iPhone and I would like to share them.


Post-it on the napkin dispenser

Post-it on the mirror in the restroom

Smile...you look GREAT today!

Written by Jindy

January 2nd, 2011 at 4:23 pm

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26 Nov 2010

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This is a start – but I’m beginning to like the idea of taking action, without thinking too much of whether it was going to be perfect.

This week’s of new experiences and perspectives:

1) Asking the “WHY” in our life

2) What is my dream? Everyone has the potential to fulfill their dreams.

3) If I want, I can

4) The Power of The Secret

5) The Tip of the Iceberg

6) Human are like batteries – we have both positive and negative emotions, feelings and thoughts

7) The little puppet – We all have the same structures, but we are all different

8 ) Observing vs Judging – To observe, we will embrace & accept; Instead of judging, we discern, evaluate and select

9) Good vs Bad – Good and Bad are 2 strongest judgement

10) Use empowering words – instead of using “mistakes”, use “experiences” or “lessons”; instead of “problems”, look at it as “challenges”

11) Anger is not a negative thing, as long as we do not use it in the bad way

12) In order to communicate, we need to first learn how to be an active listener

13) Listening is not agreeing

14) It is more important to be interested than interesting

15) When we are feeling negative, we can learn how to shift our moods through relaxation, music, movement or thinking about our moments of glory

16) Communication starts from within – we need to communicate with ourselves then can we communicate with others

17) The power of gratitude and visualisation

Written by Jindy

November 26th, 2010 at 6:54 pm