A Simple Learning Journey

To observe and learn, through life's little lessons and experiences. Simplicity.

26 Nov 2010

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This is a start – but I’m beginning to like the idea of taking action, without thinking too much of whether it was going to be perfect.

This week’s of new experiences and perspectives:

1) Asking the “WHY” in our life

2) What is my dream? Everyone has the potential to fulfill their dreams.

3) If I want, I can

4) The Power of The Secret

5) The Tip of the Iceberg

6) Human are like batteries – we have both positive and negative emotions, feelings and thoughts

7) The little puppet – We all have the same structures, but we are all different

8 ) Observing vs Judging – To observe, we will embrace & accept; Instead of judging, we discern, evaluate and select

9) Good vs Bad – Good and Bad are 2 strongest judgement

10) Use empowering words – instead of using “mistakes”, use “experiences” or “lessons”; instead of “problems”, look at it as “challenges”

11) Anger is not a negative thing, as long as we do not use it in the bad way

12) In order to communicate, we need to first learn how to be an active listener

13) Listening is not agreeing

14) It is more important to be interested than interesting

15) When we are feeling negative, we can learn how to shift our moods through relaxation, music, movement or thinking about our moments of glory

16) Communication starts from within – we need to communicate with ourselves then can we communicate with others

17) The power of gratitude and visualisation

Written by Jindy

November 26th, 2010 at 6:54 pm