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Inspiration from Operation Beautiful

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I chance upon a website www.operationbeautiful.com where random people (from all around the world) took a piece of scrap paper or post-it, wrote a nice message, and stuck it on the mirrors, in public restrooms, etc.

This is quite an inspiration because, believe it or not, even simple little gestures like this can make someone’s day.

Sometimes, we may have a bad day at work, at school, or we just feel down, low or depressed about ourselves, we can help to remind ourselves and others, of our uniqueness, our smile and the little things that makes us who we are.

After reading and seeing others pictures, I was inspired to do the same. Hence, I took out a few piece of post-its and wrote down a message copied from the website. I gave  one each to Sharon and Mida. One of them, I stuck it on the mirror in the staff lounge’s ladies and the other I stuck it on the napkin dispenser in the pantry.

I was a little scared and excited at the same time when I stuck the post-its in the public areas, not knowing how people will take it. However, afterwards, I had this feeling of pride and happiness that I was hopefully making a little difference. And it felt really really good. I was on a slight “high” the whole day at work, feeling happy, and productive. It was as though I did something good.

Here are 2 photos taken with the iPhone and I would like to share them.


Post-it on the napkin dispenser

Post-it on the mirror in the restroom

Smile...you look GREAT today!

Written by Jindy

January 2nd, 2011 at 4:23 pm

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